• Better Qualified Tenants – through our thorough screening process we reduce the odds of having an undesirable tenant. At Accurate Realty & Management we first check the references of the applicant’s current employer and current landlord. We then check their credit through Rentgrow, which is a credit reporting service which specializes in credit reports for rental applicants. Offering more than traditional credit reporting agencies, RentGro enhances our ability to make good applicant selection possible with the score card RentGro provides.
  • Fair Housing Compliance Government – Regulations on Fair Housing Compliance are numerous and ever expanding. It is imperative to be knowledgeable and up to date with Fair Housing Compliance to avoid a complaint and possible lawsuit. Accurate Realty & Management will relieve your burden and worry in regards to Fair Housing Compliance regulations.
  • Systematic Rent Collection – We have the systems in place to consistently receive and document the rent payments. We have a fair but firm policy which is spelled out to the tenant as to what our policy is, and what the tenants responsibilities are. If the occurrence should happen that a tenant is late, we have a system set up to collect, or if necessary to evict. We are your buffer in these situations, which will relieve you of the stress in dealing with the problem. More importantly, tenants are more apt to be on time with a property management company because of the strict policies and the additional cost to the tenant.
  • No Midnight Phone Calls – Accurate Realty & Management relieves you of the hassles of having a tenant complaint in regard to your property. We handle all maintenance requests and only bother you when there is a repair that is needed that costs over $300. In addition, because of our inspections of your property we will have a professional eye open to suggest repairs as need to enhance your property value.
  • Proper Leases and Legal Forms – We have our own lease which is solely designed to give you maximum protection with your property and tenant. In addition, we process all of the forms and paper work to make sure your property is in compliance with Maryland Landlord/Tenant laws. In the event of a dispute it is important to know you have compiled with all laws and regulations in the time frame dictated by law.
  • It Saves Money to Have Your Property Professionally Managed – Our experience has shown that you can save money by having your home professionally managed. Avoiding legal pitfalls, securing higher qualified tenants quicker, proper maintenance of the home to help prevent minor items from becoming major repairs, proper financial accounting, and having the resources of having in place reliable, economical contractors for any problems will save you time and money. Also, keep in mind that any management fees are tax deductible.


Leasing Fee

  • 80% of one month’s rent if there is another realtor involved.
  • 60% of one month’s rent if Accurate secures the new tenant without another realtor.
  • 50% of one month’s rent if owner secures the Tenant. Accurate will run all credit checks and prepare the agreement with our Accurate Realty & Management Lease.
  • Lease Only Plan 80% of one month’s rent if Accurate secures the new tenant.

Management Fee

Our Management Fee is 9% (We have a minimum monthly fee of $75.00)

How We Market Your Home

  • Enter your property into the MRIS Multiple List System to expose your property to Realtors in 5 States.
  • Custom flyer uploaded to Craigslist and updated weekly.
  • Submit complete information and upload photo(s) on the following internet sites:


  1. Establish an Accurate Market Rental Value
  2. Assess property condition, recommend repairs to maximize rental value
  3. Attract Qualified Tenants
    • Dual tenant search between MRIS Multiple List System & Selected Advertising
  4. Careful Tenant Screening & Selection
    • MD Criminal and civil background check
    • Nationwide Sexual Predator Search
    • Employment & income verification
    • Complete Credit Check
    • We are your buffer we ask the hard questions and do the screening
  5. Comprehensive Legal Forms
    • We execute our exclusive Accurate Leasing Agreement (for your protection) very detailed and thorough
    • Make sure the property complies with all Maryland Landlord/Tenant Laws
    • All security deposit & legal notices forms in accordance to Maryland Law
  6. Coordinate All Tenant Move-Ins
    • Lease signed by all adults occupying property
    • Collect 1st month rent
    • Collect security deposit
    • Tenant to show proof of renter’s insurance
    • Tenant & Accurate Management complete Property Condition Report
    • Procedures to Vacate & Accurate Rental Payment Policy is explained to tenant & signed
  7. Lead Based Paint Compliance
    • We provide all disclosures dictated by law
    • Refer Lead Inspection Companies if necessary
    • Register the property if necessary with MDE
    • Coordinate all re-inspections during leasing period
  8. Repairs & Maintenance
    • We maintain a pool of experienced, qualified, price-conscious contractors
    • A $150.00 deductible is paid for by the tenant
    • We handle ALL repair calls at all hours
    • All major repairs ($300.00 or more) are put out for bid
  9. Diligent Rent Collection
    • Fair but firm rent collection policy
    • Collect rent, pay all agreed upon bills, disburse funds to landlord from initiation to completion
    • Quick action should delinquency occur
    • Tenant assessed late fee on 5th day
    • Court Action by Accurate Realty & Management on 8th day
    • All eviction procedures if necessary, are handled by Accurate Realty & Management from initiation to completion
  10. Financial Accounting
    • Totally computerized accounting & record keeping
    • Maintain all deposits & records in our broker trust account, subject to State supervision
    • Monthly income & expense statements
    • End of the year income and expense report
    • Furnish IRS Form 1099 at end of the year
    • Itemized record of all transactions
    • Pay all bills pertaining to the property
    • Forfeits and damage claims in conformance with State Security Deposit Laws
  11. Property Inspections
    • Thorough Initial Inspection
    • Written move-in & tenant checkout inspection
    • 6-month inspection in writing (any more frequently would lose potential good tenants)
  12. Communication
    • We have phone, Fax, eMail and our Accurate Realty & Management website for your convenience
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